My name is Lacey and I am the owner of Drifters Boutique.

I have been drifting my entire life. Traveling about, aimlessly looking for direction and inspiration. Being molded by society, the opinions of my community and our educational system, I was told that life without direction was wasteful. So I frantically searched, struggled and eventually settled. I found avenues to appear as if I had found direction, and I walked them. I found ways to appear tradtional and to look like I was enjoying it. But throughout my entire journey I was always looking around at everything passing me by. Things that seemed out of reach because they didn't align with the path ahead of me.

My mind never stopped idealizing having an all encompassing life. Life that was lead by freedom, curiousity, boldness. A life where you can drift, and be free to enjoy the breeze, the tide, the current. Often times, as we conform to our paths and move forward linearly towards achievements, praise, and awards, we forget to look around, vear to the left, soak in the sun, vear to the right, smile at someone, and forge our own path.

I have found that we are much more like rivers than rocks. We aren't meant to stand still and let the magnificent water flow by us. We exist to ebb and flow, pursuing bold curiosity, and drift to places that feel like sunshine. We are the water, as we move through the earth, we all have the enate power to erode the path that guides us, and form a path that is our own.

Welcome Drifter, I am overjoyed to have encountered you along our paths.